Ableton’s Link is going to be a big thing I think …


Loopy HD on the app store:

Korg’s Gadget on the app store:

Crystal Synth XT with GarageBand (video)

Crystal Synth XT on the app store:

GarageBand on the app store:

Crystal Sound Sharing Tutorial (video)

Modular Jam 34 (which has a lot of apps in it)

Video description:

“Modular jam with west coast bass, PatterningFluxFiltatron drums, west coast monophonic scales with modulated delays”

Audreio 1.6 brings MIDI support

Here’s what’s new in Audreio 1.6:

  • New MIDI support. Incoming MIDI from remote connection from plug-in gets sent to the loaded IAA Instrument.
  • iOS9 fixes.
  • Fix for issue with iPhone 6s.
  • Several minor UI and performance improvements.

Ninja Jamm Sync Jams demo Berlin Oct 2015 (video)

Video description:

“demo of Sync Jams showing how PD music apps on iOS and Android like Ninja Jamm can be synched together using zero config wifi. It just works! get the code at

So I wonder how this will work with Ableton’s Link coming soon?

Play Together with Ableton Link (video)

Why Ableton 9.5 and Link is going to be important to mobile

CDM have posted on Ableton’s latest announcements from their Loop event in Berlin. So you might be wondering why this might be important to mobile users? Good question, Ableton have been fairly vocal about the fact that they don’t see mobile apps in their own future. So why would these announcements be of interest?

Well in the post from CDM you’ll find this …

“9. Link for wireless sync. Link is new technology Ableton says they “hope will become a new standard.” It allows Live users to discover one another wirelessly, sync up, and share tempo and clock information. That’s not in 9.5 yet, but it is coming in an update soon.

10. Link for iOS. Here’s the surprise: you don’t need Ableton to use Link. It can soon be built into iOS apps, too (as well as Windows and OS X desktop, for starters). An SDK is coming soon, and already some apps have been announced as launch partners, including Akai, KORG (Gadget), Elastic Drums, and Loopy. Developers can add support for free. We’ve been testing this already, and will have a lot more to say on the topic.”

Ableton’s link page shows a lot of apps who are going to incorporate it.

So this could become very interesting soon. Let’s see what developers do with it next.

iPad Audio By-Pass Using The FiiO E17 DAC and Headphone Amp (video)

Crystal Synth XT now supports iOS9

Crystal Synth XT now supports iOS9, which is great news as I wasn’t sure we’d see much more from this app as this is only the second update it’s had this year. The update brings nothing else new but even so it’s welcome.

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