Ableton’s Link is going to be a big thing I think …


Loopy HD on the app store:

Korg’s Gadget on the app store:

Crystal Synth XT with GarageBand (video)

Crystal Synth XT on the app store:

GarageBand on the app store:

Crystal Sound Sharing Tutorial (video)

SunVox music. Best of October 2015 (music)

Sunvox for iOS on the app store:

Modular Jam 34 (which has a lot of apps in it)

Video description:

“Modular jam with west coast bass, PatterningFluxFiltatron drums, west coast monophonic scales with modulated delays”

Audreio 1.6 brings MIDI support

Here’s what’s new in Audreio 1.6:

  • New MIDI support. Incoming MIDI from remote connection from plug-in gets sent to the loaded IAA Instrument.
  • iOS9 fixes.
  • Fix for issue with iPhone 6s.
  • Several minor UI and performance improvements.

ICYMI: Steinberg brings us Cubasis LE

In case you missed it from earlier, Steinberg brought us Cubasis LE for iOS. Full details are here.

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