First Look at Fieldscaper Part 1 (video)

Video description:

“In part one of a two part video review, I take a look at Igor Vilisiev’s Fieldscaper, a three track field recorder that allows you to mangle audio into some other worldly soundscapes. I go through all the effects and in part two, I perform a synth bit and warp it into something not of this earth.”

AnalogKit 1.0.2 arrived

AnalogKit 1.0.2 brings lots of nice little fixes and more:

  • Fixed iOS 9 crash when network was unavailable.
  • Fixed iOS 9 audio issue when resuming from background.
  • Added linear knob control modes.
  • Added long press to reorder ports in port settings.
  • Updated Audiobus version.
  • Fixed inter-app audio issue when launching from host.
  • Added inter-app audio host shortcut
  • Improve MIDI learn for buttons.
  • Fixed error when opening currently syncing projects.
  • Rearrange module popup menu to group destructive actions.
  • Sequencer now undoable and causes save prompt.
  • Fixed inadvertent selection of module in/outs with lasso.

Semi-Generative Music Using Borderlands Granular Demo (video)

Video description:

“One or two people have asked me to explain this “thing” I’ve been doing with Borderlands lately. So…

I tried to keep this demo simple so it’s easier to work out what’s going on, but hopefully still produce reasonably musical and interesting stuff. Hopefully.

There are only 12 sampled notes (the rectangular waveforms) and three parts / clouds – the moving circle things. The strings part on the right is cycling through three pairs of two-note chords. Top left are three cycling notes on trumpets, bottom left are three cycling notes on trombone / tenor sax.

Because the three cycles are slightly different lengths and not synchronised in any way, you get the illusion that the piece is constantly evolving – even though it isn’t really – it just takes quite a long time for it to repeat as a whole, even though the three parts themselves aren’t very long. So I call it “semi-generative” music.

I used NI Session Strings and NI Session Horns to produce sustained single notes then imported them into Borderlands and recorded the parts’ motion that you’re watching now.

Hope you find it interesting, and apologies to Michael Nyman fans :-)”

Borderlands Granular on the app store:

Don’t forget, Mogees on Kickstarter …

In case you didn’t know, Mogees are back on Kickstarter and have over a week to go if you want to grab one of their new devices.

Cafe Conundrum, a soundscape created using Fieldscaper for iPhone and iPad (video)

E Theremin gets an update in version 1.1

E Theremin 1.1 includes:

  • New GUI
  • Keyboard
  • Improved slider control
  • New sound engine
  • Delay
  • Reverb

Quirky Beat on the Dam Drum 3.0 from Stones Throw & Bleep Labs (video)

Video description:

“A little late night mess about with the Dam Drum 3 while nothing was on TV.

I’d forgotten how tricky it was to get these patterns to line up, I have a feeling that a couple of the buttons start their sequences on different beats…adding to the random nature of whatever happens with the unit!

While I enjoy playing with the Dam Drum, it is very difficult to get a recording onto youtube that doesn’t sound bad – I think Youtube compression gets a little over-eager with the 8bit grunginess of the unit.”

Different Drummer 4 has arrived with Zenterface (almost)

Here’s what’s new in Different Drummer 4:

  • New Zenterface provides a new, simpler way to interact with Different Drummer—it’s cool (in-app purchase for full unlock)!
  • Master tuning control
  • Drum sets
  • Two new wave styles: mirrored and clipped
  • New Zoom control for Wave View
  • New Settings and Mixer
  • Custom color themes
  • New template chooser
  • Plays nicer when in background (music player is now entirely independent of interface)
  • More!

Let’s Listen to TONESTACK for iOS (video)

Video description:

“What kinds of sounds can you get from ToneStack for iOS? Rock, jazz, metal, blues, country, experimental, just to name a few. With by far the largest selection of amps, cabs, and effects on iOS, the possibilities are endless.”

I’m still waiting for these

I have been patiently waiting for these for ages now. They were meant to be available for this year, but as it starts getting close to the end of the year it doesn’t look like they will be. I hope I’m wrong though.

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