Bimini Road – Audulus Patch – The Warpeggiator (video)

Video description:

“The Warpeggiator works by using keyboard input to control step values in a sequencer. The Warpeggiated sound is panned a little more towards the left – an unaffected keyboard input is more in the right. The the button turns feedback on an off, which uses the output of the sequencer to control the key input routing to each step (the Pattern control). Using the Touched Clock with the Warpeggiator allows for infinitely unique and grooving patterns, from the melodic and ethereal to the nasty and growling.

Note: Glitching is not in Audulus – it’s from how I had to route my audio to record the video.”

Back in 2009: Everyday looper arrived

Yep, back in 2009 on this very day Everyday Looper first arrived. It was a massive hit and there were some completely amazing videos made using it.

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