ToneStack 2.0 has arrived and is on half price sale too

ToneStack 2.0 has arrived and it is on sale as well with 50% off, down from $9.99 to $4.99.

Welcome to ToneStack 2.0! The biggest collection of effects, amps and cabs on iOS just got even bigger! ToneStack 2.0 offers 43 BRAND NEW amps, cabs, and effects, including lots of new exciting gear for guitar and bass. These new units sound better than ever and emulate many classic and modern sounds.

  • 15 all-new amps
  • 14 all-new cabs
  • 14 all-new FX

We’re introducing several new bundles featuring our new effects

  • Motherload v2.0: Unlock everything the entire app has to offer from versions 1.0 & 2.0
  • Motherload v2.0 Upgrade Bundle: Designed for Motherload 1.0 owners, the Upgrade Bundle contains everything new in 2.0
  • Boutique Bundle 1
  • Boutique Bundle 2
  • Bass Bundle 1
  • Bass Bundle 2

But wait! There’s more! (We’ve always wanted to say that)

  • Preset changes are 8X faster – almost instantaneous (measurements on iPad Air, iOS 9.0.2)
  • Completely redesigned ToneStack store, where you can now search for gear via keyword or genre
  • Enhanced amps & FX processing
  • New bank “ToneStack 2.0” showcasing some of the new gear
  • Double-tap to reset on fx/amp faders
  • And lots more!

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