Hey! Don’t forget that Arpeggio is still on Kickstarter with just under 2 weeks to go


So you already know that Arpeggio is on Kickstarter now and is doing really well. If you haven’t taken a look at this already then it’s really worth checking out. Also, if you’re thinking that this isn’t really for an iOS mobile musician, think again …

Arpeggio is doing some interesting things in terms of integrating the Arpeggio hardware with a companion app. Here’s what they plan that you’ll be able to do with the app:

  • Connect to Arpeggio via bluetooth or usb
  • Create backups of Arpeggio data including sequences/songs/sets, advanced sequencer settings, MIDI and I/O settings, synth patches and parameter values.
  • Edit the sequences stored on Arpeggio
  • Edit synth parameters of the patches stored on Arpeggio, create new synth patches and upload individual synth patches to Arpeggio. 
  • Export sequences, songs, and sets as standard MIDI files or other format useful for DAWs
  • Share sequences, songs, sets, and synth patches over bluetooth from one Arpeggio to another.
  • Adjust the advanced sequencer settings, MIDI and I/O settings on Arpeggio
  • Update firmware, on Arpeggio, restore to factory defaults.
  • Cross platform application iOS / Android / OSX / Windows

That in itself is a pretty impressive list of features.

So, please do check it out, take a look at all they’ve got to say about the device and how they’ve got to where they are.


Automating Turnado Using MidiLFOs and MIDI Designer Pro (video)

Video description:

“In this video I demonstrate how to use midiLFOs to automate the Dictator control in Turnado. In order to achieve more rhythmic CC modulation, I sync midiLFOs to the clock on my BeatStep Pro, while using MIDI Designer Pro in the background to constrain the CC values coming from midiLFOs to 8 values instead of 128. The result is that the position of the Dictator changes every 2 beats in time with the sequencer.

As a bonus, towards the end I show how to automate the parameter sliders in Alchemy as well by using MIDI CC messages automatically sent by Turnado based on the position of the 8 knobs.”

ToneStack 2.0 Sneak Peek: Taste the Metal (video)

Video description:

“Are you ready? ToneStack 2.0 is coming VERY soon! Here’s a first listen of some of the new metal sounds available in version 2.0.”

haQ VLog 36 – Working on FM4 presets (video)

Ferrite Recording Studio — Preview (video)

Video description:

“A quick preview of our new app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Ferrite Recording Studio. Record and edit audio on the go!


We’ll be uploading more videos soon, including guided tours and tutorials on how to use various features.”

Well this looks pretty awesome to me. How about you?

Ferrite sounds amazing …


Not too long to wait hopefully …


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