MultiTrack DAW 4 appears out of nowhere and brings loads of new stuff

MultiTrack DAW is one of the best multitracks for iOS in my view and also one that’s been around the longest, since 2011. Version 4.0 has appeared with no warning or teasing as usual and is packed with new features and fixes too.

New Features:

  • Freeze tracks – drastically reduces processing for tracks with IAA effects, and frees up the plugins for use on other tracks.
  • Loop Recording – allows continuous overwriting while it loops. Stop and undo after a good take.
  • Smaller audio buffers – sizes of 64 are now supported for low latency monitoring.
  • Rewritten audio engine for perfectly clean audio quality.
  • Volume/pan adjustments are filtered and interpolated, no ‘zippering’.
  • Compressor uses exponential gain reduction metering.
  • Long-Touch zipped song project icon now has ‘Open in’ button for sharing the zip.
  • Final mixdown now uses loop markers as song start and end.
  • Final mixdown won’t overwrite older mixdowns with same name.
  • All sorting/ordering uses numeric sort (Song, Shared, Inputs, IAA effects, generators, instruments).
  • Silence rendered to IAA plugins when doing mixdown/copy operation, to flush out buffers.
  • Wi-Fi web server lists songs in same order as shown in multitrack.
  • Track and bin download filenames now contain the song name as prefix.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix an iPhone 6S bug with missing tabs (Export, Shared, and Upgrades).
  • Fix iOS 9 bug with 2 finger pinch zooming sometimes popping back to another zoom level.
  • Fix retina displays sometimes not able to open the Hotbox with a Long-Touch.
  • Fix an Audiobus monitoring bug where no sound would be heard unless ‘Input Monitoring’ was on.
  • Fix a bug when drag reordering 3 or more IAA track plugins.
  • New Audiobus lib should fix the samplerate issues on iPhone 6S with internal speaker/mic.
  • Fix a buffer size bug on cold start.
  • Fix lights on compressor gain reduction meter being stuck sometimes when turning it off.
  • SoundCloud fixes.

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