Cassette Store Day 2015: Cassette Documentary – Trailer No. 2

Cassette Documentary – Trailer No. 2 from Zack Taylor on Vimeo.

Cassette Store Day 2015: Cassette Documentary Trailer, September 2013

Cassette Documentary Trailer, September 2013 from Zack Taylor on Vimeo.

PalmSounds on tapes … Tape from Focusrite

Ok, if you wanted to be 100% accurate then this isn’t cassette based, but it is tape based of course, reel to reel to be precise. Even so, it also goes to show just how tapes and cassettes have impacted how we think about recording.

PalmSounds and tapes … Apps that are just a bit, well, cassettesque … Audio Mastering Studio

Another app with strong ties to the world of the cassette is Audio Mastering Studio which is a great app and can give you just about any final mastering feel.

If you don’t know it then it’s worth checking out, especially on Cassette Store Day 2015:

PalmSounds and tapes … The Tascam PortaStudio App

A great idea from Tascam, sadly, the app is no longer on the store sadly, but you can see it here, and there’s a video of it here.

PalmSounds and tapes … Celebrating the Philips PMC 100

PalmSounds and tapes … The Amazing Akai Trackman

Remember this, or rather these? I kind of wanted one, but I never really would’ve used it, I know that. Still, a lovely device, a bit of mobile music history.

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