Blue Peter theme tune played on vegetables – CBBC (this is Dentaku and their Ototo board) … (video)

I didn’t ever think that I’d be posting a video from Blue Peter but here we go. I didn’t expect to see Dentaku on CBBC, but here we.

I thought it was great though, and I’m really pleased to see the Ototo in action again. I’m still enjoying using mine too.

Here’s the post from Dentaku about the whole thing too.

SoundPrism Pro gets an accessibility update

SoundPrism Pro gets a little update with UI improvements for blind and low-vision users.

midiSTEPs for iPad: sequencing music apps (iMini, iSEM, iElectribe and Sampletank) (video)

Video description:

“First jam with the new midiSTEPs midi sequencer for iPad. Here I am playing with iElectribe (receiving midi clock only), Sampletank (two channels, for bass and strings), Arturia iMini and Arturia iSem (synths). It is great for controlling MIDI hardware too.”

So the AUFX series get some little updates, but the Drone synth is what I’m waiting for

Yep, the AUFX (Space, and Push) get little updates, and I’m sure the others will too, but what I’m really waiting for is …

And of course,

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Got some sounds going in my new mixer app

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haQ attaQ 92 – Nave PAD Tutorial part 2 – modulation

Perplex On – Spinning (feat. Fugue Machine + Animoog, Generate App) (video)

You may have seen this before, but here it is anyway …


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