midiSTEPs – midi step sequencer toy from Art has arrived

Something new from Mr Kerns, the maker of the awesome FunkBox, and Little MIDI Machine apps. So this is bound to be good ….

Here’s what to expect:

midiSTEPs is a powerful but fun MIDI step sequencer app that sends MIDI note and CC messages to other music apps and external synthesizers. It was designed to be super easy to use in a way that’s similar to the SH-101 sequencer, where you can just quickly enter a few keyboard notes and you’re ready to hit play. At the same time, it also incorporates many ideas from other classic and modern sequencers, allowing you to set control values per step, mute and skip existing steps, switch between multiple patterns and parts, sync and link patterns in various ways, and modify your sequences.

midiSTEPs was designed from the ground up as a touch-based iPad sequencer app, so it’s super easy and intuitive to enter, edit and play sequences.

midiSTEPs features:

  • 64 step sequencer based on the classic SH-101 sequencer
  • Set note, chord or rest per step
  • Set accent and tie per step
  • Set CC, velocity, length parameters per step
  • Mute and skip individual steps
  • Set start and end points within sequence
  • Edit individual steps
  • Transpose, loop or one shot, start and pattern sync options
  • Four independent sequencer parts with 16 patterns each per set
  • Parts can have different speeds, lengths, sync and trigger options
  • Pattern Mix page with clip-launcher style pattern triggering
  • External MIDI clock sync with clock shift adjustments and swing
  • Easy to set up CoreMIDI configuration and MIDI mapping
  • Easy to use touch interface designed specifically for iPad

midiSTEPs costs $9.99 (£7.99) on the app store now (click below):

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