Korg iM1, Alesis ION, My Workflow and Messing Around With Sound (video)

EGSY01 Analog Synth gets an update

EGSY01 Analog Synth has added MIDI Learn functionality to map all knobs and slider to your external MIDI controller.

Playground – Herrmutt Lobby – Soul Glo (video)

Something new coming from the maker of FunkBox


A new video from Arpeggio …

Give Arpeggio a Good Home from Tangible Instruments on Vimeo.

They’re getting there, a bit closer every day.


Lorentz + Laplace (video)

Lorentz on the app store:

Laplace on the app store:

Blast From Apps Past XENON Groove Synthesizer, Demo for iPad (video)

Bitwig 1.3 and Microsoft Surface (videos)

I think that BitWig and the Microsoft Surface has the potential to be something really amazing. So I thought that these videos would be worth a look.

Diced – KORG iKaossilator (EDM DrumDicer) (video)

FlexyKick 2.0 is here

FlexyKick 2.0 is a complete reworking of the app, news are:

  • stronger sound
  • simpler to use, also the sound reacts in real time to movements and to the number of touches
  • 5 preset slots for saving parameters
  • 10 seconds looper
  • sliding mode for creating sustained sounds(distorted bass, drones, etc..)
  • restoring Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatibility

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