Esspresso – professional de-esser arrives, but is going to take a lot of CPU

This audio effect is an advanced de-esser with an intuitive user interface. The uniqueness of Esspresso is that the detection frequency range isn’t coupled with the suppressors frequency range. That means you can listen to a specific frequency and compress another one, which is often what you’ll want from a professional de-esser. With a fast and accurate frequency response view, you will easily get full control over annoying S-sounds that ruin the mix.

Noteworthy features:

  • Audiobus 2 compatible (works in iOS9)
  • Inter app audio compatible (IAA)
  • Detector sensitivity gain
  • Visual reduction RMS
  • Visual detector RMS
  • Suppressor can work as allpass, bandpass and highpass
  • Load / Save presets
  • Documentation

Note! Esspresso consumes quite a bit of CPU power and iPad 4 or later is recommended.

Tiger-lily Tremolo effect arrives

Tiger-lily Tremolo is a two-stage harmonic and amplitude tremolo effect with variable wave-shaping and phase-offset parameters.

Built upon the tenet of simplicity, the flora project presents great sounding, lightweight audio effects using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus technologies to allow you to get the sound you want, without sacrificing processing power.

More information about the flora project can be found at

NB: Tiger-lily Tremolo requires either Audiobus or Inter-App Audio capable applications in order to operate. See for more information.

Tiger-lily Tremolo costs $0.99 on the app store:

Korg Gadget, Lets Compose with Pheonix (video)

A new book for iOS DJs … How to DJ on your iPad or iPhone (book)

So here’s a new book all about DJ’ing with an iOS device. Here’s the description …

Want to know what it feels like to play a perfect DJ set to a full dancefloor, using just your iPad (or iPhone)? In this, the first book of its kind, Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips—the world’s biggest DJ training website—show you step-by-step exactly how you can do just that, using Algoriddim’s powerful djay 2 DJ app.

From helping you to choose, organise and prepare your music (including using djay 2’s Spotify integration), to showing you how to beatmix like a pro, to giving you the low down on powerful techniques such as DJ effects, loops and keymixing, Phil shows you how to DJ properly with this software, in 172 feature-packed pages and across 21 pro HD videos.

The book serves as a standalone and complete guide to DJing as a hobby or profession, aimed at both complete beginners and those new to digital DJing. It covers all aspect of the craft, from standing out through your music choices, to how to get booked, even how to deal with pre-gig nerves – plus lots of ideas for furthering your DJing after you’ve successfully played your first public set. Once you know this stuff, you’ll be able to transfer the skills to any DJ set-up you like.

Whether you want to be a club-style DJ, play mobile, or just spin at parties for your friends, and whatever your music style, everything you need to do to truly impress your audiences is here. Far beyond an instruction manual, How To DJ On Your iPad (& iPhone) is more like an iPad/iPhone DJ’s bible.

So if you’ve yet to start, or you’ve downloaded djay 2 and got stuck, wondering what to do next or what you’re doing wrong, this unique book and video package is exactly what you need to kickstart your digital DJing career!

The book costs $4.99, but that’s a limited time half price off

News from Intua on BM2, and BM3!

Here’s what they have to say …

Hi everyone, here are some news regarding BeatMaker 2 and 3 !

We are currently updating BeatMaker 2 to fix the iOS 9 and Audiobus issues. It should be available soon.

On the other hand, BeatMaker 3 is under heavy development. We are working hard to bring you the next best beatmaking and sampling app on iOS !

Stay tuned !
The INTUA team.

Via FaceBook.

DrumKick and DrumKick for iPhone get the trigger treatment

DrumKick and it’s iPhone version, DrumKick for iPhone have been updated:

  • Added Audiobus Remote triggers (tap-hold on crash triggers for cymbal chokes).
  • Increased volume level for the tom drums.
  • Updated Audiobus SDK 2.2.2
  • iOS 9 compatibility.
  • Changed DrumKick’s default Background Audio setting to off to save battery life.

DrumKick on the app store:

DrumKick for iPhone on the app store:

Elastic Drums midi learn with Arturia Beatstep as controller (video)

I’d really like one of these, wouldn’t you …


Semi Modular Synth Round Up for iPad (video)

MultitrackStudio for iPad is the first AU host for iOS!

So here’s what’s new in MultitrackStudio for iPad:

  • Supports iOS 9 Audio Unit effects and MIDI instruments. Note: presets and automation are currently not supported.
  • Some bug fixes.

Of course it says “presets and automation are currently not supported”, which suggests that they will be at some point in the future, which is og course great news too.

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