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Audiobus jam#14 (iNner wOrld) (video)

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#MTFScandi Matt Black – Ninja Jamm (video)

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haQ attaQ 87 – Nave PAD Tutorial

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Patterning Industrial Kit Sampled DSI Tempest (video)

Video description:

“The following video demonstrates how one can “jam” live by triggering different patterns within Patterning’s song section. I prepared a free Industrial/EBM kit in Patterning .onps file format. I created all of the samples with a DSI Tempest drum machine and ran them through an Empirical Labs Distressor.

As usual you can download the free loops and samples from this video here http://www.ipadloops.com/free-loops/iPadLoops_Industrial_Tempest.zip

For more info about Patterning for iPad go here http://ipadloops.com/free-industrial-ebm-patterning-kit/

You can also go to that link for a tutorial on how to get these sounds into your iPad Patterning app.”

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SoundCloud group of the week is the Bhajis Group (of course)

http://ift.tt/1r0AmoA I still love Bhajis Loops.

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SunVox music. Best of September 2015

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Rhythm Core Alpha for Nintendo DSi: How to do it! (video)

Video description:

“Rhythm Core Alpha is a fun and powerful music creation system for Nintendo DSi. This video shows how to create your own music quickly and easily, explaining every step of the process. It starts with creation of a simple drum loop in a matter of seconds! Then it adds simple bass and melody parts, and shows how to build an automated chord progression. Finally, simply solo over the top of your backing tracks using the stylus.

Finally, a musical instrument for everyone!

Rhythm Core Alpha is available for 500 Nintendo Points in the Nintendo DSiWare shop.

For more info: http://www.rhythmcorealpha.com