Back in 2008: The MMW Catalogue became available

So this is a bit of a personal thing as I wrote a piece for the catalogue. The mobile music workshop ran for quite a few years though I never managed to get along to it sadly. The original post about the catalogue can be found here.

Folklore Album Teaser Trailer, Coming Soon (video)

SoundCloud group of the week is the iMS-20 group

Back in 2008: Noise.IO Pro arrived

Yep, after what seemed like an eternity back in 2008 Noise.IO Pro finally arrived on the app store. It was a big deal back then. In 2008 it was a very impressive app. You can read a bit more about it here.

Arpeggio has 3 days to go and is 98% funded
Arpeggio Improvisation #1 from Tangible Instruments on Vimeo.

Just the last few days for Arpeggio on Kickstarter, so don’t miss out if you were planning on getting in before it closed.

Back in 2006: Computer music feature on mobile

This was a real first back in 2006. Of course now all the magazines have regular features on mobile apps, but back then it was a bit of an oddity and of course there wasn’t a huge amount to talk about either. Read the original post from 2006 here.

Editing Tour — Ferrite Recording Studio (video)

Video description:

“A quick tour of the editing screen of Ferrite Recording Studio, , an audio recorder & multi-track editor for iOS.”

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