So it’s a big congratulations to Yonac, 7 years on the app store

I can’t believe that it’s 7 years that Yonac have been on the app store! That’s amazing! Truly amazing. So I thought we should have a little celebration of sorts and look back at the last few years and some of the amazing apps they’ve delivered to us.

Let’s start off with Thereminator

Thereminator was one of the first music apps on the app store. I can still remember trying it on my iPod touch (1st gen) and starting to think about how mobile music might develop …

Then of course came miniSynth!

Which was in itself a real revelation (and they brought us miniSynth 2 as well).

You might realise that I’m missing out some of their apps (there were a lot), so I’m moving on to AirVox

Which I still think is a totally amazing app. AirVox is still a brilliant app and one of the closest things to having a real theremin in my opinion.

Next, Magellan, their flagship synth, and it’s amazing.

I’ve skipped over lots of their apps, and they’re all worth a look, but more than anything I’m just really pleased to see Yonac still around after 7 years on the app store. I look forward to seeing even more amazing stuff from them in the years to come.

Congratulations Yonac!

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