Alina String Ensemble (universal) arrives

This looks like fun …

Alina String Ensemble is a musical keyboard application for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that simulates the Solina String Ensemble. The sound is in reference to Solina String Ensemble (Serial number “SERIES 22, No.0093158”) manufactured by N.V. EMINENT BODEGRAVEN HOLLAND in the 70’s. You are sure to be surprised at the real sound generated from this App.


  • Pre-loaded with 6 instruments including Viola, Violin, Brass, Horn, Cello, Contra Bass
  • 49key, 4-octave Keyboards with scrollable
  • iOS7/8 compatible
  • Optimized appearance on iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • Core MIDI and MIDI over Bluetooth LE compatible
  • Supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (requires iOS 7 or later)
  • Scrollable Keyboard & dual Keyboards(Only iPad)
  • BASS tone(Cello, Contra Bass) is assigned on lowest 20 keys
  • Built-in Reverb that simulates a spring reverb
  • Modulation that can adjust the rate and depth

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