zMors Modular 1.3 is huge!

This is a truly massive update for zMors Modular in version 1.3. Here’s everything that’s new:

  • add a new controller module with keyboard, XY pads and JavaScript support
  • add a new ADSR module with retrigger and build in VCA
  • add a new 8/1 multiplexer module
  • add a one knob module with midi cc send option
  • add a new console mixer module with pre routed macros and midi filter
  • add midi cc input as alternative to cable connection on each module input port
  • add midi out port on main module
  • add midi merge programm to combiner module
  • add cpu save option to VCA module
  • add init phase parameter to OSC module
  • add simple expressions on context menu parameters
  • add alias free saw mode in MathDSP module
  • add a audio input port to cv sequencer
  • add bi polar option to matrix mixer
  • add cv to midi cc option in midi filter module
  • add ‘Mix with other Apps‘ option to setting menu
  • add a score editor in midi player/sequencer
  • allow JS sample access to wave table module
  • fix autostart in sampler
  • fix a problem with recording function
  • fix a problem with zoom modules
  • fix a problem when cables not showing
  • fix a problem when mix with other apps
  • update module descriptions
  • add factory defaults function for all presets
  • target for this update ist iOS 8.4

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