Made this on the plane to LA in June and hid it from view, as is my MO at present – trying to stop that now! The arrangement isn’t right for me, I’ve got plans to do a far more progressive version – big plans, think its a belter thats just not sat in the right place. I was achieved entirely on a flight LHR-LAX, mixed and mastered in the air. I’m happy with the minimal vibe (well as minimal as Jinx is prepared to go) Also – re: new Soundcloud plan – i’ve had to get rid of most of the people i was following so I can concentrate on the old school that helped me out in the first place – want to get more involved on here and needed to take it back to basics Made on a plane, using a load of ios synths and drums, cubasis for MIDI, Nanostudio for arrange and mix Happy saturday, get this one cranked right up, let the hypno magic punch you in the teeth Peace, love and idiocy Pez x
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