AnalogKit is another modular synth app for your iPad

Another modular iPad synth app on the app store. Well it’s fair to say that this niche isn’t too crowded so far. Of course there’s Jasuto, Audulus and zMors Modular. And we shouldn’t forget TC-11, Modal Pro, Thor, iVCS3, and of course, Modular. Ok, so there are a few, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for another, and here’s AnalogKit adding itself to the list. From the app’s description (below) it seems like it has a lot to offer, although I haven’t tried it out as yet, but the competition is very stiff indeed from the likes of Audulus and zMors Modular in particular, especially as Audulus 3 is coming soon.

Anyway, I’ll let you make up your own mind. Here’s what the app has to say for itself …

AnalogKit lets you play, share, and build synths and effects in an incredible digital playground.

A music hacker’s paradise, Analogkit is designed to be enjoyed by both seasoned synth aficionados and curious cable-wranglers. Whether you’re into built-from-scratch effects pedals, synths, vocoders or even DIY games, AnalogKit allows you to build nearly anything you can dream of.

  • Piece together controls, effects and signal generators into any gear you can imagine.
  • 50+ included core components that can be combined to create endless possibilities of sounds.
  • Share your creations with the community via the built-in Swap Meet, or browse, live-preview, and download gear built by other users.
  • Compatible with many external audio interfaces so you can run AnalogKit as an effects board for mics, guitars, and other analog instruments.
  • Full USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi MIDI support to let you use your favorite external controllers
  • Advanced optimization algorithms enable you to run tens of thousands of basic modules in real-time on a modern iPad.
  • State of the art anti-aliased oscillators provide the most authentic sound sources digital synthesis can offer.
  • All the favorite toys from modular analog synths as well as digit logic components so you can build all the hybrid franken-synths your hardware modular friends could only dream of.

Under the hood, AnalogKit is anything but a toy. The process of putting things together with Analogkit is nothing less than an exploration of digital audio creation that’s both revealing and powerful.

Like a supercharged electronics project kit, Analogkit lets you combine and wire things up in any way you want, rather than having to settle for adjusting settings on existing gear. Depending on what components you choose, it can be both a trippy generative app that’s easy to lose hours with, or nimble and precise tool for building custom setups quickly.

Analogkit takes full advantage of its digital nature and lets you literally hook anything into anything, chain together as many of a thing as you like, and finally experiment like a kid again …a kid that happens to have the best audio toy to come to the iPad yet.

Analogkit costs $9.99 on the app store

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