SunVox music. Best of August 2015

Let’s face it, Sunvox is awesome, and here are some things made with it. Enjoy!

And Ferrite is coming along …



Something new coming from DJ Player? (video)

midiLFOs – midi modulation toy 1.1

midiLFOs – midi modulation toy 1.1 brings …

  • Added ramp waveform (reverse sawtooth)
  • Fixed bug so min CC can be set greater than max CC
  • Improved MIDI sync and setup
  • Various other bug fixes and tweaks

KORG DSN-12: Nottingham Waterworx (Anthony Seeha Remix) – Matt Leandres (video)

Rubycon 1.7 brings external MIDI control

What’s new in Rubycon 1.7:

  • Pitch Scale & Key selection
  • External MIDI control

For MIDI control see

Seline Redux Pro, Demo for iPad 2015 (video)

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