So will the new AppleTV land on Wednesday, and will it bring gaming to Apple’s little box?

It seems inevitable. Lots of rumours are flying around and lots of the big sites are saying that the focus of the new AppleTV is going to be games.

So will that make it a seller? Probably, but (and you’re probably sick of me saying things like this), it seems like an opportunity missed. It could be so much more. However, instead of dwelling on that thought I’d like to explore for a moment how that might be good for music making?

If the AppleTV does become a gaming platform, and in so doing an app platform in its own right, then what OS will it utilise? iOS? OSX? Well my bet will be iOS and that it will act in some way as an extension of our iPads and iPhones. Like a massive upgrade to AirPlay, or what it should be really.

Now that in itself could be a big opportunity for existing iOS apps. It could mean some interesting interface experiments between the mobile device and the TV. So, maybe I’m just being hopeful, but maybe this will be more than just a boring gaming take over from Apple (my apologies if you’re really excited about the idea of the AppleTV for gaming).

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