Loop Maker:BEATS is here

I haven’t tried this app out as yet, but I’m looking forward to giving it a go. For now, here are the details of the app …

Loop Maker:BEATS is a new, simple but rather cool drum beat generator – exclusive to the Apple AppStore. Check out the video demo by clicking on “Developer Website”. More demos to come plus lots of updates like MIDI (not available yet), more sounds and helpful tips. (For now I hope you can make it out with the videos on youtube). Update is already awaiting (within the next week)
This is an 8 part, 8 note polyphonic drum sequencer for creating drum sequences of lengths from 1 to 32 notes. Sounds are split into categories – bass,snare,clap,rim/wood,open hat, closed hat, cymbal/ride,percussion/miscellaneous. You choose from up to 32 sounds on each part. You can adjust 32 shuffle (swing) levels, adjust each drum part’s, level, pitch, pan, reverb,delay(echo), echo speed, echo feedback, plus resonant filter with setting for frequency and resonance. All effects (Purple) are independent for each part. You can also key-frame effect settings for motion controlled like effects or record in real-time as it plays. You can create basic standard drum beats or extremely crazy synthetic electro loops.

To use, just think of everything as a key frame -whether it be a note or effect setting. If you do not choose a place to key-frame, it will set at the beginning of the loop (this is the default key frame) . You then drag the digital effect slider (resembling 64 divisions which appear only in effect modes) up or down controlling the amount of effect (with pan, centre is middle of the slider control). To remove a key frame, select it and drag the effect control to far left (zero).

Any other settings that are not effects (like SWING,TEMPO or SOUND) are set by using grid for the amount you want. These are not controlled over time. If you do not set these then they will not change when moving from a different pattern.

  • “START” runs the sequencer.
  • “REC” records the Loop – it will wait or the beginning of the loop while playing.
  • “STOP” stops the sequencer
  • “PLAYLOOP’ and “STOPLOOP” will play or stop the recorded loop.
  • “COPYAUDIO” copys audio to be pasted to another app compatible with audio paste.

You can even over dub the audio loop with the sequencer if you want.
NOTE on occasion, if the CPU , network or drive was busy, it may interfere a split second timing issue miscalculates by a millisecond, the loop may not be perfect. if this sounds like its not perfect, then stop the audio loop and record again.

Once you have your loop finalized and rendered, it can then be saved to the app’s documents folder allowing access via iTunes, it can also export via audio-copy to be pasted via audio-paste in various other apps. If that is not enough you can export via email.
Patterns can be stored just by clicking on “SAVE” whenever you are in memory mode. You may lose your current pattern if you do not save your pattern before loading another pattern. Press the red grid button in memory mode will clear the current pattern. If you do not set the sound on a pattern (key frames) then it will keep the current sound for each part of the previous pattern after loading.
Memory mode instantly loads your stored patterns. All sounds are set with mid-pan so you may want to position these to your liking in stereo space (just like you would sub-mixing a real drum kit)
All loops are recorded at CD quality stereo. Some drum categories will have less sounds to choose from but these may be added to later.

Using the excellent Core Audio and AV foundation audio engines.

Updates planned are help sections, MIDI clock and a couple of bug fixes.

What’s New in version 1.1:

  • Fixed quite a few instabilities (sorry about that!)
  • Added Help guides for pretty much every function
  • Added copy / paste patterns
  • Clear patterns
  • Clear currently selected drum parts, notes or effect settings
  • Fixes
  • Improvements
  • Moved AudioCopy, export to iTunes Folder and email Loop to separate Export button.
  • Fixed Track Button staying on after changing mode
  • Updates sounds in Sound mode with highlight if sound was previously set

Loop Maker:BEATS Advanced Drum Loop Generator costs $3.99 on the app store:

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