What are we expecting on the 9th of September?

The other day I mentioned the news that Apple are having their autumn event on the 9th of September. Just over a week away from now. So what are we expecting? What good stuff is going to come out? Will it be earth shattering or simply more of the same?

There have been lots of rumours about what the event will bring. Namely …

  • A new Apple TV
  • An app store for Apple TV
  • Siri for Apple TV
  • iOS9
  • iPhone 6S and 6S+
  • Force touch on the new iPhones

Did I miss anything? For me, the only really interesting thing for me would be force touch on the new iPhone. I think that could be really interesting for music making. I think it could bring a lot of possibilities for apps and expressivity.

As for iOS9, that brings us the possibility of audio units for our mobile DAW hosts. I’m not convinced as yet that this is a good thing. My concern is that we’ll just be flooded with loads of little effects apps that won’t make a big difference. Time will tell.

Finally, and not related to mobile music I’d be interested to see where the Apple TV goes, if indeed that is something that does come about. I never found the existing Apple TV too much use, so it would be good to see a bit of hardware that was a bit more worthwhile.

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