What are the apps you really want to master?

What’s the app you’d most like to master on iOS or any other operating system for that matter?
The complexity of apps on iOS and on android to a lesser extent has just exploded. Some apps on iOS actually rival the complexity of some desktop vstis in my opinion, and, as I’ve mentioned many times before I think that to a large extent we’re replicating the desktop. But that’s not what I want to talk about here. Instead I’m interested to know what app or apps you want to master and why?
Apps like Sunvox and Jasuto are just complex and difficult to get to grips with and require a big investment in time and effort. Others, like Audulus are capable of massive complexity and some of the patches I’ve seen created with Audulus defy reason in their design and execution. 
So where do you get started with some of these?  How do you find the time and the resources to get your head around some of these apps?
For example Noatikl and Mixtikl from Intermorphic often perplex people and leave them wondering how to get to a point of proficiency. 
It isn’t easy. That’s probably an understatement isn’t it. 
So what are the apps you’ve either struggled to master or always wanted to devote time to or wanted to get good at, and more to the point, why in particular those apps?

Is this a coincidence or not?

So Apple have announced their next event, on the 9th of September, but at the same time, ROLI (a music hardware start up from East London) has also posted this on Instagram …

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The countdown begins! www.roli.com

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Is that a coincidence?

You might want to ask Siri this question … “Siri give me a hint”. See what you get …

Now I might be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 (or more, or less). But it seemed like a bit of a coincidence to me and made me wonder. I wouldn’t be surprised if ROLI had something to do with Apple, but of course, I could be wrong there …

Combo Organ Model V, Plus, Lets Go Vintage Project, for iPad (video)

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