I mentioned that Genome was on sale this morning, but didn’t realise that actually it is on sale now until the end of September.

Also, version 2.0.1 is coming soon, and here’s what’s coming:

  • Added new ‘preview’ button whenever you select some notes in the pattern editor (so you can hear a part that you are working on).
  • Now when you press the ‘fit to view button’ and you have notes selected, it will just zoom in on those notes.
  • Fixed MIDI Exporting
  • Now when you change the length of the pattern while the song is playing, genome will restart the pattern so that it stays in sync with the other patterns, instead of allowing it to continue playing and be ‘off’ by a bar.
  • Re-added ‘edit’ option for sequencer long tap menu
  • Updated to latest Auduiobus

So the sale price is $6.99 (it was $12.99 before).

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