MelodyMiner … "A Song Idea Turns Into Melodies Over Chords" … Interesting app arrives …

Got an instant song idea? Bring it to life within seconds. Simply sing out your original melody and MelodyMiner will generate multiple songs with unlimited sets of chord progression in different tempos.

In each generated song, your voice will automatically be tuned to match the chords and instruments will play along.

Easy To Use

  • Open up the app, choose a tempo, and start recording.
  • Play and navigate through generated songs with varied chord progressions, tempos, and settings.

Editable Chord Progression and Tempo

  • Pick a chord of your choice at any position. Almost all types of chords used in popular music are available.
  • Allowed to change tempo after recording.

Vocal Tuning Options

  • Change the level of vocal tuning from Off to High.
  • Enable or disable harmony effect.
  • Allowed to increase overall pitch of vocal up to 12 semitones (1 octave)

Backing Instruments

  • Choose any combination of piano, guitar, and drums with bass.
  • Four different basic patterns are selectable for piano and guitar.


  • Share vocal track as MP3, AIFF, or MIDI file.
  • Share via Email, AudioCopy, or other installed apps that support specified file format.

Are you a seasoned musician or a songwriter?
Then, MelodyMiner will greatly assist you in all aspects while you are in an idea-developing phase.
Besides ease of song-prototyping, it will even bring you new inspiration by generated songs.
Transfer output vocal as a MIDI or an audio file and continue working on your masterpiece on other applications seamlessly.

If you are new to songwriting, have some fun of making your own songs.
Find yourself being creative in music-making even if you haven’t ever played a note on guitar or piano.

Known Issue:Record in full voice. Otherwise, some parts of recording may not sound, or noise will tick in playback time, especially at a tempo setting other than the original one.

MelodyMiner costs $2.99 on the app store now


Patterning: Sequencing IOS / Plugin Synthesizer (MIDI) (video)

Video description:

Patterning is the drum machine from Olympia Noise Co. The app offers an unique way to sequence and offers users Midi Out via Music IO or Midimux. In this video I sequence a IOS Synthesizer (iPolySix) and a range of VST Plugins from Applied Acoustics Systems. You can trigger each drum line with an own midi out channel.”


What’s coming next in Lorentz …



Volca Sample iPhone Controller Demo 2 – Fast Melody (video)


Genome MIDI Sequencer is actually on sale until the end of September

I mentioned that Genome was on sale this morning, but didn’t realise that actually it is on sale now until the end of September.

Also, version 2.0.1 is coming soon, and here’s what’s coming:

  • Added new ‘preview’ button whenever you select some notes in the pattern editor (so you can hear a part that you are working on).
  • Now when you press the ‘fit to view button’ and you have notes selected, it will just zoom in on those notes.
  • Fixed MIDI Exporting
  • Now when you change the length of the pattern while the song is playing, genome will restart the pattern so that it stays in sync with the other patterns, instead of allowing it to continue playing and be ‘off’ by a bar.
  • Re-added ‘edit’ option for sequencer long tap menu
  • Updated to latest Auduiobus

So the sale price is $6.99 (it was $12.99 before).


MiMiX – Mixer for Audiobus 2.0 has arrived

Here’s what’s new in MiMiX – Mixer for Audiobus 2.0:

  • Audiobus Remote support with customizable trigger setup
  • State Saving support
  • MIDI capabilities upgrade:
  • Virtual MIDI port handling
  • In-app settings
  • Presets
  • Knob Pickup
  • Multi Solo option
  • Remember Mute States option
  • Latest Audiobus SDK (2.2.1)


Volca Sample iPhone Controller Setup (video)