Elastic Drums Update 1.6 – New features (video)

New presets from Elastic Drums update 1.6 (video)

Elastic Drums 1.6 has a lot of new stuff

Here’s what’s new in Elastic Drums 1.6:

  • Added Audiobus Remote Triggers and a Jam view to jam with you current preset
  • Added 2 new synth-engines: bass and drones
  • Lots of great new presets from various users
  • Polyrhythms possible with new in between time settings in each sequencer
  • Improved Song editing: Move pattern by long tap and dropping somewhere else
  • Improved Midi synchronization, especially outgoing sync
  • Added Midi input channel
  • Simplified synced audio recording
  • Preset import works again

haQ Vlog 22 – Propellerheads Discover Like button! (video)

Olympia Noise Co Patterning Drum Machine using MIDI to control modular makenoisemusic intellijel / pittsburgh

Soulsby Synthesizers miniAtmegatron in 90 seconds (video)

Video description:

“The miniAtmegatron is an 8-bit synthesizer shield kit for the Arduino Uno. This video provides an introduction to what it can do.
The miniAtmegatron goes on sale on the 24th August: http://soulsbysynths.com/buy/ and at dealers all around the world.
Recommended retail price: $39 / €39 / £29″

haQ hattaQ 77 – Xynthesizr Randomised MIDI notes (video)

Remember that Oscilab is on sale until Sunday

Don’t forget that Oscilab is half price at the moment (down from $9.99 to $4.99), and, as you know it’s just been updated, but if you didn’t know, then you can find the details here. The half price deal ends tomorrow.

How-To Learn Guitar with jamstik+ – Lessons App Overview (video)

There’s a new Mute Synth II coming on the 7th of September

Another Mute Synth will be available soon. The previous limited addition versions are all sold out, and this is a new version, and it’s orange, or so they say. Looks more yellow to me.

Details on the Mute site.

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