SunVox 1.9 brings goodies galore …

SunVox 1.9 brings loads of new stuff for you to play with:

  • additional UI language – Russian; you can change it in Preferences -> Interface;
  • engine is now optimized for OpenGL ES 2.0;
  • new module – Feedback (see the examples);
  • new module – Filter Pro (High quality IIR filter);
  • number of MIDI slots (in Preferences) has been increased to 4; so you can use four MIDI controllers simultaneously;
  • now any external MIDI knob can be connected to any number of SunVox controllers of any modules;
  • now any SunVox shortcut can be connected to external MIDI button (Note, CC or Program Change);
  • click twice (or right click) on the controller to open the new Controller Properties window;
  • you can do the following operations in the new Controller Properties window: change, reset, randomize, write to pattern, assign MIDI IN;
  • MultiSynth: new controller “Phase” – the starting position of the sample or the starting phase of some Generator;
  • MultiSynth: added support of the “Set Sample Offset” pattern effects 07 and 09;
  • MultiCtl: new controller “Quantization” – the number of quantization levels;
  • Sampler: new controller “Rec threshold” – the level at which the Sampler should start recording;
  • Sampler: ability to import the loop points from WAV;
  • Generator: “P.Modulation” controller has been renamed to “Freq.Modulation input”;
  • Filter: new controller “LFO waveform”;
  • Amplifier: new controller “Fine volume”;
  • Modulator: “Phase Modulation” mode has been added;
  • new functions in the Pattern Editor menu: selection begin, selection end;
  • slightly redesigned Pattern Editor;
  • new pattern effect: 13 – Set Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of mute: 13 0001; example of solo: 13 0010;
  • new pattern effect: 14 – Reset Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of bypass reset: 14 0100;
  • Song has been renamed to Project;
  • new instruments from NightRadio, Pavel Ti, SolarLune and other authors;
  • new simple song examples: feedback, feedback2, modulator (phase modulation);
  • new song examples: 4004, music_in_our_souls, awakening_city, Transient – Tablerock, SunVox Compo 2015.02 Winners (Sirmooge – Phalanx, Pavel Ti – Boomer, KnyazIvan – Cold Summer);
  • bugs fixed.

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