LoopTree Tutorial: Multi-channel audio interfaces and MIDI control (video)


Animoog | Interactive Interface (video)

Video description:

“Sculptor / programmer / interactive interface designer, Chas Llewellyn, explores the form and function of a large-scale light sculpture he designed using Moog Music’s Animoog app as the control source. From his former Wedge Studios workspace in Asheville’s River Arts District, Chas details the multiple electronic communication protocols that he integrated into the final working installation.”


SunVox 1.9 brings goodies galore …

SunVox 1.9 brings loads of new stuff for you to play with:

  • additional UI language – Russian; you can change it in Preferences -> Interface;
  • engine is now optimized for OpenGL ES 2.0;
  • new module – Feedback (see the examples);
  • new module – Filter Pro (High quality IIR filter);
  • number of MIDI slots (in Preferences) has been increased to 4; so you can use four MIDI controllers simultaneously;
  • now any external MIDI knob can be connected to any number of SunVox controllers of any modules;
  • now any SunVox shortcut can be connected to external MIDI button (Note, CC or Program Change);
  • click twice (or right click) on the controller to open the new Controller Properties window;
  • you can do the following operations in the new Controller Properties window: change, reset, randomize, write to pattern, assign MIDI IN;
  • MultiSynth: new controller “Phase” – the starting position of the sample or the starting phase of some Generator;
  • MultiSynth: added support of the “Set Sample Offset” pattern effects 07 and 09;
  • MultiCtl: new controller “Quantization” – the number of quantization levels;
  • Sampler: new controller “Rec threshold” – the level at which the Sampler should start recording;
  • Sampler: ability to import the loop points from WAV;
  • Generator: “P.Modulation” controller has been renamed to “Freq.Modulation input”;
  • Filter: new controller “LFO waveform”;
  • Amplifier: new controller “Fine volume”;
  • Modulator: “Phase Modulation” mode has been added;
  • new functions in the Pattern Editor menu: selection begin, selection end;
  • slightly redesigned Pattern Editor;
  • new pattern effect: 13 – Set Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of mute: 13 0001; example of solo: 13 0010;
  • new pattern effect: 14 – Reset Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of bypass reset: 14 0100;
  • Song has been renamed to Project;
  • new instruments from NightRadio, Pavel Ti, SolarLune and other authors;
  • new simple song examples: feedback, feedback2, modulator (phase modulation);
  • new song examples: 4004, music_in_our_souls, awakening_city, Transient – Tablerock, SunVox Compo 2015.02 Winners (Sirmooge – Phalanx, Pavel Ti – Boomer, KnyazIvan – Cold Summer);
  • bugs fixed.