Are modular phones going to have modular operating systems?

With all this talk of modular smartphones the one thing that I find is constantly missing is how the OS is going to support this modularity. Personally I love the idea of a modular phone. I think it has a huge amount of promise on a number of fronts such as usability, personalisation, avoiding obscelesence, and more. But my constant thought is what about the OS. How will that work? For the most part these devices are going to be android powered. That’s sort of a given, but why not have a truly modular OS? Something new? Something that’s built specifically for a modular hardware platform.

So, that’s my question and also what I see as the incongruity of the modular phone movement. 

Of course to a degree they will have a modular OS in some ways. Even with android the OS will need to be able to respond to different modules possibly hot swapping in and out but still it relies on android and that to a large extent is a shortcoming in my opinion. 
In many ways I’d like to hope that at least of these modular projects could actually have its own truly modular OS. I don’t know what that could look like but I get the feeling that it would be a real innovation. 

Don’t forget, the Korg apps summer sale runs up to the 21st of August

All of the Korg apps are on sale up to the 21st of August, so grab a bargain whilst you can. Here’s what’s on offer:

Minim & Beatmaker 2 (video)

TubeSynth 1.6 is here

Here’s what’s new in TubeSynth:

  • Collaboration with new app TubeMIDI!!
  • Color Palette and color editor.
  • NOISE1 and NOISE2 are combined to Noise.
  • STEP interpolation is changed to Sigmoid interpolation.
  • New interpolation – Zigzag.
  • Sigmoid interpolation between key waves.
  • Spectrum analysis.
  • Attack and Release time.

Just love nils, so this is great


Minim- a quick look at the technical side (video)

Arpeggiosynth coming soon from Tangibleinstruments

Voice Rack: FX 1.5

Here’s what’s new in Voice Rack: FX – Vocal Effects Processor:

NEW Features

  • External MIDI control of preset selection, tap tempo, etc..
  • Tap tempo enabled for all echo-based presets.
  • Select from 5 vocal sound favourites.
  • Significant pitch shift quality improvements.
  • Improved GUI layout and smoother vocal FX scrolling
  • Talk mode for when you want to address your audience temporarily bypassing FX.
  • Run audio in the background setting.
  • Significant under-the-hood optimizations

Bug Fixes

  • No more crashing with certain inter-app audio connections!

Prototyping the Minim (video)

TubeMIDI 1.1 arrives

Here’s what’s new in TubeMIDI:

  • Audio’s supported Now.
  • Reverb effect.
  • Minor bug fixed.

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