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So what will Apple bring us in September?

Lots of people are talking about the possibility of an Apple event in early September. Apparently the most likely date is the 9th. I’ve no idea why though. Either way, I guess it’s likely that they will do an event, and in the case that they do, perhaps we’ll see something new coming for iPhone and iPad.

If you believe the rumours then we might see:

  • Force Touch display
  • A9 processor
  • Improved camera system
  • Faster LTE chip
  • and of course, perhaps the fabled iPad Pro

For me, one of the most important things to see would be force touch on the iPhone. I think this could be a real step forward and allow some seriously interesting things to happen, not only in the mobile music world, but with lots of other apps too.

Usually I’ve never gone for the ‘s’ versions of the iPhone, but if force touch looks good I might need to change that. I’ll see.

The other thing that is being rumoured is a new Apple TV. Whilst this isn’t at all related to mobile music I think it has some capacity for being interesting as there’s talk that the new Apple TV will have an app store of its own. It’s been a while since I saw much interest with music apps using AirPlay, but I think that there are possibilities to stretch apps into the TV space if the Apple TV app store happens and of course that it works in a usable sense for developers.

As with all of the above, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What would you like to see?

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tomnakamshow #05 [KORG volca KEYS + monotron DELAY] (video)

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Filtatron updated to 1.4.5

Here’s what’s new in Filtatron:

  • Added Audiobus remote triggers for Preset navigation and Sampler Rate control.
  • Fixed rare crash during MIDI handling.
  • Fixed MIDI setup dialog driver refresh.

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Music IO iPad app Overview (video)

Video description:

“Talking about how I have the Music IO app connecting and sharing the sound from my my various groove box’s and synth applications on the Ipad Mini. I talk about the midi and audio link of Music IO and the lightning based connection through to the Ipad. It also has a nice FX send feature that I use with Turnada.”

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Live Guitar 2 has arrived

Secret Base Design have rebuilt Live Guitar from the ground up, with hundreds of sounds, extensive MIDI support, Audiobus 2.2, and IAA in version 2.0.

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Back in 2006: Dreaming of new Palm apps

Strange to think of being in 2006 and dreaming of new Palm OS apps, but I was and in many ways I wish these apps would still come about. I don’t think that’ll happen though.