Stop being so serious and just ‘do’ some music

I was playing with Auxy on the train and it made me think and remember something from a few weeks ago, and that made me remember that sometimes what’s really important about music is something that we forget all too easily, or at least I know that a lot of people do.

More of that in a minute though …

Playing with Auxy reminds me that music is just fun and that there’s a joy in making a sound, in creating something with no agenda, just the joy, the fun, of making a good sound. Auxy is great for that. I’m not saying that there aren’t other apps that are good in this way, but Auxy was the one that made me think, reminded me that this is important.

I mentioned the other day about being at Abbey Road studios and talking there about SoundLab. One of the other speakers at the event was Tim Exile. I really like Tim, I really like Tim’s music, and I really like his attitude to music. When he was talking he spoke about just ‘doing’ music. I like that idea. I like the thought that sometimes we should just do music, without an agenda or an outcome, without a purpose other than ‘doing’ music. I think that’s easy to forget. In fact, very easy. I know I can forget that and get caught up with the whole importance of creating patches and the technicalities of electronic music.

But when that happens, I’m going to try and stop and think about ‘doing’ music, and just that, and remember the joy of sound.

So I thought I’d share that with you, something to think about maybe?

Also, if you don’t know Auxy, and want to just ‘do’ some music, check this out …

Auxy on the app store (it’s free) …


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