Songtree community for collaborative music making arrives

Songtree is an app & community for collaborative music making.

Songtree makes it super easy to collaborate to create songs with other musicians.
Simply open the app and browse the latest songs that have been posted, then pick a track you like to open it in the built-in audio recorder view.
Record your track on top of the base track by playing your instrument, then click the Share button to post the track back to Songtree.
As new tracks are posted a ‘tree’ of songs gradually grows, with each branch derived from the preceeding.

No login is required to start recording – simply download the app, pick up your instrument and start playing! After you’ve posted a track share it via Facebook and Twitter so that your friends can listed to you playing.


  • Easy to use, no knowledge of recording software required
  • Record using your device built-in mic or external adapter
  • Add effects, mix and edit recordings

Songtree just started, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and bug reports. Please contact us at

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