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Takete – Origins (video)

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Songtree community for collaborative music making arrives

Songtree is an app & community for collaborative music making.

Songtree makes it super easy to collaborate to create songs with other musicians.
Simply open the app and browse the latest songs that have been posted, then pick a track you like to open it in the built-in audio recorder view.
Record your track on top of the base track by playing your instrument, then click the Share button to post the track back to Songtree.
As new tracks are posted a ‘tree’ of songs gradually grows, with each branch derived from the preceeding.

No login is required to start recording – simply download the app, pick up your instrument and start playing! After you’ve posted a track share it via Facebook and Twitter so that your friends can listed to you playing.


  • Easy to use, no knowledge of recording software required
  • Record using your device built-in mic or external adapter
  • Add effects, mix and edit recordings

Songtree just started, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and bug reports. Please contact us at feedback@songtr.ee

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Patterning by Olympia Noise Co, Pre Release Beta Demo for iPad (video)

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"DubNodes" NodeBeat LIVE Jam

Video description:

“”DubNodes” is a track that came to existence by me chilling on the balcony with my iPad mini retina and NodeBeat by AffinityBlue”

AffinityBlue also have a nice bundle available …

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Drumjam v1.3.2 new features (video)

Drumjam Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed Audiobus “port unavailable” connection issue, and updated to latest SDK
  • Fixed possible crash when starting up with midi device attached
  • Added option to ignore IAA sync
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Improved round-robin velocity behavior
  • Added option to set position of Audiobus control panel
  • Added quantize tap option, which quantizes all pad instrument taps to next repeat rhythmic boundary (midi CC114). Quantize tap can be applied to incoming midi notes (optionally ignored in prefs), and stop hits
  • Added Choke control, which affects % of sample duration (midi CC75)

7 – Master Pad volume
85 – Master Loop volume

17 – Pad filter toggle
71 – Pad filter resonance
74 – Pad filter cutoff

80 – Loops filter enabled
81 – Loops filter resonance
82 – Loops filter cutoff

91 – Pad Reverb send
83 – Loops reverb level
86 – Reverb Size
87 – Delay time

1 – Auto-repeat rate (optionally channel pressure also)
2 – Auto-repeat velocity
This only affects the most recent actively held NoteOn for the channel.

11 – Touch Pad Velocity
12 – Touch Pad X Position
13 – Touch Pad Mode Enable

14 – Global Repeat type
15 – Repeat 2x sensitivity
16 – Drop %
18 – Delay input level
19 – Delay feedback
20 – Crush
21 – LoFi

22 – Bedlam master %
23 – Bedlam pitch chance %
24 – Bedlam pitch depth
25 – Bedlam pan chance %
26 – Bedlam pan width
27 – Bedlam rev Chance %
28 – Bedlam Buzz Chance %
29 – Bedlam Buzz Duration
30 – Bedlam Buzz Slice

69 – Randomize Loop Instruments (with value 127)
70 – Randomize Loop Variations (with value 127)
115 – Stop with hit (with value 127)
117 – Stop
118 – Play Toggle (or Clock Start/Stop)
119 – Record Toggle (or MMC Rec)
78 – Record On/Off
79 – Fade In/Out

102 – Undo
103 – Redo
104 – Tap Tempo

110 – Repeat Swing % (0=50% 127=75%)

CC 36-63 are mixer controls for the first 7 individual loop parts, in blocks of 4 representing Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo. So CC36 = Loop 1 Vol, CC37 = Loop 1 Pan, CC38 =Loop 1 Mute, CC39 = Loop 1 Solo, CC40 = Loop 2 Volume, etc.

Program Change messages with Bank 00 selected load the index of the installed alphabetically listed instruments.

Banks 01-63 will select the Factory preset group with that index, with PCs loading the alphabetical indexed preset in that group. Banks 64-127 will select User preset groups, with PCs loading the
alphabetically indexed preset in that group (where the first user group is at bank 64, the second at bank 65, etc).

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iSymphonic New Sound Pack and Audiobus Update Pre Release Demo

There’s also a nice bundle of these apps available on the app store.

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PUC+ Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI, so fast you’ll be happy to cut the cord 720p (video)

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LP-5 – Loop-based Music Sequencer 2.0 arrives

Here’s what’s new in LP-5 – Loop-based Music Sequencer 2.0:

  • Inter-app Audio effect hosting support
  • Inter-app Audio host timeline sync
  • Import Zip files to the user library (Full version)
  • Launch scenes using a MIDI keyboard
  • Track mixer control via MIDI
  • Two new sound packs by Soundtrack Loops available for in-app purchase
  • Various bug fixes

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FigureAddiction – make Trap drums with Figure (video)

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Audreio 1.5 arrives

Here’s what’s new in Audreio 1.5:

  • New: IAA effects hosting
  • New: use another mobile device as an effect
  • Bug fixes

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