Everest : Audio Looper gets an update

What’s new in Everest : Audio Looper:

  • Fixed recent audio/UI freezing issue. Everest now more frequently changes its audio state to match recently connected or disconnected hardware.
  • Recording mode can now be cancelled by pressing Undo. The previous loop state will be restored. If the loop was empty before Recording it will go back to being empty, ready for new recordings.
  • New MIDI CC “Allow Zero Value” MIDI settings switch causes Everest to ignore or not ignore CC values of 0 as valid toggle presses. This is useful for some MIDI controllers that toggle between zero and non-zero CC values for every press of the respective switch.
  • Updated Audiobus code and library to latest version of the SDK
  • Minor fix: MIDI global play/pause would silence output when used multiple times.

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