Multiple Hardware sequenced with G-Stomper over MIDI / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App (video)

Video description:

“Multiple Hardware sequenced (and synchronized) with G-Stomper over MIDI / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App
(Device :Google Nexus 9)

This clip shows G-Stomper Studio with multiple hardware hooked up over MIDI.

All sequences are done in G-Stomper Studio, while the sounds come from G-Stomper Studio and the attached hardware.
The Nord Lead as well as the ESX1 act only as Sound Module (MIDI Extender), note that the ESX1 Sequencer is NOT running and its sequence is empty.

– The Drum Sounds on T01-T12 come from G-Stomper Studio, +triggers are fired to the backlit pads of the MPK225.

  • VT01-VT04 are pure MIDI instrument tracks which control the 4 Nord Lead Synth instances.
  • VT05 is a pure MIDI instrument track which controls the the ESX1.
  • VT06 is a regular VA-Beast synth.

Furthermore all hardware components are synchronized over MIDI clock (to keep the delay effects and LFOs in the right timing).

The Nexus 9 runs on OpenSL with an internal Latency of 10ms + manual Latency compensation of 20ms.

Required equipment:

  • 1 class compliant USB MIDI to DIN interface
  • 1 USB OTG micro USB to USB adapters
  • 1 4×1 MIDI Merger
  • 1 1×4 MIDI Thru
  • A bunch of MIDI DIN cables”

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