Hexaglyphics 1.1 is here

What’s New in Version 1.1

  • Added subsonic sine generator for generating sub basses and 808-ish kicks.
  • Latch mode and click mode are now on different buttons.
  • Added “Latch Filter” mode for holding just the filter setting.
  • Added button in “Latch All” mode that clear everything and stop the generator.
  • Added “Hybrid” mode that behave like Standard mode with multi-touch and like Click mode with single touch.
  • Added “Channel Mode” button for selecting stereo noise generation and different output splitting.
  • Extended range for the fourth noise generation mode.
  • Added a fifth noise generation mode for high-pitched beeps.
  • Minor improvements to Audiobus support, updated Audiobus API to
  • Slightly reduced gain for increasing headroom.
  • Settings saving on exit, settings loading on opening.

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