midiLFOs for iPad arrives

midiLFOs is a MIDI controller app that sends modulation control data to other music apps and external synthesizers. It consists of four independent LFOs that are used to send 7 bit MIDI CC messages in repeating Low Frequency Oscillating patterns. The LFOs can be the various standard shapes (sine, saw, triangle, square, sample and hold) but can also modulate each others amplitude and rate to create even more interesting shapes.

midiLFOs does not make music or sound by itself, it controls other MIDI capable synth apps and devices in your studio. You can use it to modulate the filter cutoff frequency of your favorite synth app, the pan position of the hi hats in a drum machine app, the feedback amount of a delay effect, or the pitch of an external hardware synthesizer. Or you can do all four at the same time.
midiLFOs features:

  • Four independent LFOs that send 7-bit MIDI CCs
  • Easily configure CoreMIDI port, channel, CC# per LFO
  • Easily adjust shape, rate, offset, lag per LFO
  • Modulate the rate and amount of an LFO using other LFOs
  • Sync LFOs to MIDI clock
  • Map trigger, LFO rate, and modulation amount values to incoming MIDI

Designed to be easy to configure and use, midiLFOs gives you a quick to configure and easy to use MIDI LFO controller toy with some nice extra features that also make it a useful pro music studio tool.

midiLFOs costs $4.99 on the app store:


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What’s the super secret app coming from the Audiobus team?

So in the latest version of audiobus there’s a cryptic message saying “additional bug fixes for the new super secret upcoming app made by the Audiobus team”

So, what’s the new app, and when will we know?


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TubeMIDI arrives, an app of the TubeSynth group

An Application of TubeSynth App Group.

You can play Tubes you created in TubeSynth using MIDI keyboard and Piano Roll.

  • support recording with MIDI keyboard.
  • multi-track support (up to 4 tracks).
  • Inter-App Audio support.

You can use this app without TubeSynth, but it only comes with simple Tube generator. For editing Tubes, you need TubeSynth.

Some waveform with rapid changes in sound pressure could be damaging to your ears at high amplitudes or for long periods. Please avoid using earphones or headphones when editing waveforms.

TubeMIDI costs $3.49 on the app store:


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LoopTree Tutorial: Beat repeat (video)

Video description:

In this video I look at the beat repeat. How to use it, record it and a couple of tips along the way such as:

  • • Reversing a track
  • • Using the beat repeat with the filter
  • • Making drops with the session controls