Video description:

“Sequencing G-Stomper Drum Samplers with an ESX1 / G-Stomper Studio 4.3 Mobile App
(Device :Google Nexus 9)

This clip shows a quick Session with a Korg ESX1 and G-Stomper Studio on a Nexus 9.

The sounds come from G-Stomper Studio, but the Sequence is running completely on the ESX1.
G-Stomper Studio acts only as a Sound Module (MIDI Extender), note that the G-Stomper Studio Sequencer is NOT running and its sequence is empty.
All Triggers and Parameter Movements are transmitted over MIDI from the ESX1 to G-Stomper Studio.

The Nexus 9 runs on OpenSL with an internal Latency of 10ms + manual Latency compensation of 35ms.

Required equipment:

  • 1 class compliant USB MIDI to DIN interfaces
  • 1 USB OTG micro USB to USB adapters”

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