Motion Synth update

Here’s what’s new in Motion Synth:

New ‘Glissando Notes’ module – This module allows you to trigger notes through changes in Up-Down Orientation. For more info visit:

This update also includes improvements in the app’s core motion and orientation engine. In particular, if you are changing orientation quickly and move through and beyond the limits of a zone of orientation control, you will now see more consistent results.

When upgrading to a new version of the Motion Synth app, if you have created Presets that you value, it is good practice to export or backup such Presets prior to upgrading. Instructions for Preset export/backup are provided here:

While your saved presets should carry over to the new version smoothly, it is worth exporting or backing-up user-created Presets as a precaution.

Motion Synth is free on the app store:

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