DJ Player 7.7 is here

Here’s What’s New with DJ Player version 7.7:

  • Fast triple tapping on IN while the track paused sets the cue point AND the beat grid.
  • Direct reading from iPod music library (no caching).
  • Fixed the “pumping volume” issue for time stretching.
  • Improved waveform display:

Four different waves displayed (peak, bass, mid, high).

  • More zoom levels.
  • Uniform sizes (no more “meet in the middle”).
  • Switchable “separate waves” display (at DECK settings).

DVS modernization:

  • Better DVS operation with time stretching for continuous playback and better bpm display.
  • Traktor Control MK2 (CD/Vinyl) compatibility. Set DVS frequency to 3000 Hz.
  • Fixed “missing highs for the first few seconds”.
  • MIDI mappable TT switch between TT1 and TT2 (does not go “off” like the DVS TT Selector).
  • Key lock will automatically turn off when you first enable DVS control. DVS scratching with key lock and/or pitch shifting is still possible.


  • MIDI mappable “track end” indicator (LED).
  • Improved looping start.
  • Fixed gate bug.
  • Removed Reloop Beatpad midi mapping. Reloop did not extend our free loan period, so we are not able to provide official support anymore. The last mapping is available on the website.

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