Helio Workstation … how did I miss this?

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t know about Helio Workstation before this. It looks very interesting, and it’s free too! Here’s the app store description:

Helio is the cross-platform lightweight music creation playground.
Developed by musician with the dream of a perfect speed-painting toolbox, it features linear-based sequencer with clean UI, integrated version control to sync the projects between devices, export to midi and more.
Available for tablets and desktops.
Freeware, no ads, no in-app purchases.

What’s New

  • added MIDI files export (accessed via iTunes file sharing),
  • added settings page with UI themes selection,
  • implemented interactive dragging of the chord menu,
  • various minor fixes.

Freeware, no ads, no in-app purchases.

Tips and Tricks for Using Auxy (video)

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[KORG M01D] “Death and The Maiden” Tarantella (video)

[KORG M01D] "Death and The Maiden" Tarantella (video)

Design Challenge: Make Your Own Instrument (video)

Video description:

“How do you make an instrument from scratch?
Today we’ll be playing with a song you already love. What’s a tune you played over and over as a teenager? Do a Google search for the track online. Choose particular sound in the song–we’re going to make an instrument for it.

Instrument must reflect a unique sound from a song of your youth.
It must play more than 3 notes.

Take a video of you playing the instrument that lasts more than 30 seconds.”

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