zMors modular update preview (video)

An interesting if short video on what’s coming next. I would have liked to see more about the javascript implementation and how that can be used, but I’m guessing that’ll come soon enough.

Video description:

  • javascript midi controller
  • mixer console
  • editor for the midi sequencer

And this is still coming along, some time soon I hope!

No idea quite what it is as yet, but it is on the way …

Introducing Tap Delay (video)

Songtree gets its first update with version 1.1

Here’s what’s new in Songtree 1.1:

  • Added AudioPaste and General Pasteboard to paste audio from other apps
  • Added support to import audio with ‘Open in’ iOS functionality
  • Simplified login
  • Solved a problem with Audiobus when switching between apps

Tap Delay from VirSyn arrives

Another interesting effect arrives from VirSyn. Tap Delay seems to have quite a lot of promise. Here are the app’s details …

Back in the “old days”, producers and engineers created delay and echo effects using tape machines. Tap Delay combines the warm sound of vintage tape echo machines with a modern, step sequencer-like tapped delay engine which continues the tradition of the tape echo machines into the 21st century.

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The Tape simulation includes all relevant aspects for the recreation of a faithful analog tape sound:

  • Compression and Saturation
  • Tape hiss
  • Tape head bias
  • Wow and Flutter (Tape speed instability)
  • Smooth speed / delay time changes

Three feedback filters with hipass/lowpass and bandpass characteristic simplify the creation of authentic dub echo effects.

The built-in Limiter allows for endless feedback sounds.

Use live input from any source – Microphone, Guitar, Audiobus and Inter App Audio – or take a song from your iTunes library for processing.


  • Multi-tap delay machine
  • 24 taps for rhythmic delay effects
  • Tape simulation ( Saturation, Noise, Flutter )
  • Alias free tape saturation through oversampling.
  • MIDI controllable including Tempo sync
  • Delay loop equalizer for dub effect.
  • Glitch free simulation of variable tape speeds.
  • Spatial echo rotation effect.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving
  • IAA compatible ( Auria, Cubasis, Garageband ).
  • Integrated iTunes player.

DrumJam 1.3.2 brings loads of new stuff

Here’s what’s come along in the latest version of DrumJam:

  • Added option to ignore IAA sync
  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Improved round-robin velocity behavior
  • Added option to set position of Audiobus control panel
  • Added Quantize Tap option, which quantizes all pad instrument taps to next selected rhythmic boundary.
  • Quantized tap can also be applied to incoming midi notes (optionally ignored in prefs), and stop hits.
  • Added Choke Decay control, which affects % of sample duration
  • Fixed Audiobus “port unavailable” connection issue, and updated to latest SDK
  • Fixed possible crash when starting up with midi device attached
  • Fixed missing note off messages when sending MIDI using pads

There are also several new in-app purchase packs available now, be sure to check them out in the Drum Store under the settings section of the app:

Pandeiro, modified Berimbau, Earth Udu, and Repinique Loops. Granite
block pad instrument.

Thai Rumwong, Vietnamese Hmong brass harp, Thai gong, and Chinese gong
loops. Anklung pad instrument.

Brekete, Kaganu, Kpanlogo, and Talking Drum Loops, along with Talking
Drum pad instrument

Pineapple lid req, Bulgarian Tupan loops. Paulo Mattioli Djembe, Remo
cluster, Garrapatta bells pad instruments.

Timbales Loops. Timbales, Conga, Tumba, Quinto, and Congas Set pad instruments

Indian Bongos, Piccolo Bongos Loops. Indian Bongos, Piccolo Bongos,
Remo Crown Bongos pad instruments.

Introducing BIAS FX Desktop (feat. Tosin Abasi) (video)

Auxy 2.0.2 arrives with some improvements

Here’s what’s new in Auxy Music Creation:

  • Tapping an empty slot now stops loop playback in the same column
  • Added auto scroll when moving notes between bars
  • Updated hints for new users
  • Slightly tuned master compressor settings
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Dahlia Delay and Korg iM1 Demo, A Beautiful Delay for iPad

Dahlia Delay on the app store:

iM1 on the app store:

Audiobus Remote, Setting Up and Getting Started for iPad

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