How To Use Earbuds & Speakers w/ jamstik+ (video)

How To Switch To Single Channel MIDI Mode With The jamstik+ (video)

How To Activate String Bend On The jamstik+ (video)

Mutable Instruments Shruthi Control QuNeo Preset (video)

Video description:

“A quick demonstration of the Mutable Instruments Shruthi Control Preset for QuNeo by Keith McMillen Instruments.”

Art & Photography: Planning your rewards | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

And one more video that you might find handy if you’re considering starting a campaign on Kickstarter.

Art & Photography: Keeping momentum for your project | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

Another potentially useful video from Kickstarter.

Music Studio 2.6 brings new things and takes away Akai SynthStation as well

Here’s what’s new in Music Studio 2.6:

  • Inter-App Audio audio recording, instruments and effects
  • iCloud Drive support
  • Music Studio is now a 64-bit app
  • Akai SynthStation is no longer supported
  • Minimum iOS requirement is now iOS 7.0
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

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