Art & Photography: Planning your rewards | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

And one more video that you might find handy if you’re considering starting a campaign on Kickstarter.

Art & Photography: Keeping momentum for your project | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

Another potentially useful video from Kickstarter.

Music Studio 2.6 brings new things and takes away Akai SynthStation as well

Here’s what’s new in Music Studio 2.6:

  • Inter-App Audio audio recording, instruments and effects
  • iCloud Drive support
  • Music Studio is now a 64-bit app
  • Akai SynthStation is no longer supported
  • Minimum iOS requirement is now iOS 7.0
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Art & Photography: Preparing for your project | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

Another video from Kickstarter that might be useful to you if you’re thinking of starting your own campaign.

Want to understand more about Mitosynth? Read on …

This is an interesting read explaining more about how Mitosynth works. If you’re interested in knowing more about the synthesis techniques employed in the app then you should read it.

Find Mitosynth on the app store:

Art & Photography: Building a community for your work | Kickstarter Creator Basics (video)

Whilst this isn’t directly related to mobile music I thought it might be handy to see some of these Kickstarter videos as they’re useful if you’re thinking of starting a campaign.

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