AudioShare just keeps getting better

Here’s what’s new in my favourite swiss army knife for audio, AudioShare:

New features:

  • Add option to keep recorder open after finished recording.
  • Trashcan: deleted files first goes to special ‘Trash’ folder, delete them there again to really delete them.
  • Hardware Audio settings for mic gain, buffer size and measurement mode.
  • IAA node selector: add toggle for sort by name (default) and last used.
  • Show Size now shows number of files in folder (including subfolders).
  • Allow snap-to-beat while zoomed in.
  • Trim & Fade: make handles a bit more visible.
  • Auto select all text when renaming or creating file.

Other fixes and tweaks:

  • Fix unresponsive library after edit on iPhones running iOS 7.
  • Fix weird Library button on iPad running iOS7 when started in Portrait mode.
  • Try to open file as audio if unknown filename extension, brings back ability to play audio from some video files.
  • Fix document provider extension layout issues on iOS 8.3.
  • Updated Audiobus SDK, connection panel should now work on iOS 8.3.
  • Stop preview when leaving current folder.
  • Don’t crash when deleting large file before waveform display finished reading.
  • Don’t auto-open file after music library import.
  • Show error message if recording stopped due to error.

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