Last chances on the Korg app sale …

Remember that all of Korg’s apps are on sale with the prices below available up to the 30th, I thought it was about time for another little reminder as there’s just a day left now. So here’s what’s on offer …

And lastly, and of course the reason for the whole sale, is the new iM1, which is at its introductory price of $19.99, it’ll go up to $29.99 after the 30th of June, as will all of the above.

Let’s Play with SidTracker64 (video)

What’s coming in Borderlands …



KORG iM1 for iPad – Impression by KEN ISHII

You’ve got less than an hour to get Novalia funded on Kickstarter!

This really is a great idea and it deserves better support. Let’s get it over the line!

Diode-108 Drum Machine Free gets an update

Here’s what’s new in Diode-108 Drum Machine Free:

  • Microphone sampling (sample your voice or anything else, then re-pitch the sample and perform FX on it).
  • In/Out song markers let you work on any section of your song.
  • Full Choke Grid implementation. Not just choke groups. Any instrument can choke any other! Great for setting up complex hi-hat parts.

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