Noise Synth for iPhone arrives, we love noise

Noise Synth looks interesting, fun I guess. It seems that there used to be a lot more of these kinds of apps around and that they’ve suffered at the hands of more ‘serious’ music making apps. Perhaps that’s just my perception of how things have changed. Anyway, it’s nice to see a new one arrive. Here’s what to expect …

‘Noise Synth’ is an interactive sound application for iOS developed by Mamoru Ichikawa (Interactive Artist). This application generates sounds from random noise by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technology. ‘Noise Synth’ supports 3 types of noise source (white, pink and red noise), 44.1kHz sampling rate, 48Hz frequency resolution and 512 band frequency filter.

By touching the filter graph everyone can generate various sounds easily and intuitively from noise like painting a picture. The filter graph values can be increased or decreased automatically, and additionally by tilting the iPhone/iPad everyone can shift or rotate the filter value and frequency through the internal accelerometer sensor. Such an operation enables inexperienced sound generation from noise like a new music synthesizer. 

Oh yes, and it’s free, although there is an IAP.

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