Navichord update brings more MIDI goodness

Here’s what’s new in Navichord:

Added ability to configure and send MIDI control change messages from the piano keyboard. All piano keys become mini XY-pads. Loads of fun with your favourite synths (Gadget, Animoog, NLog, Magellan, etc). Enjoy!

For extra fun:

  • – use “1 – Modulation Wheel” with Gadget
  • Navichord: Settings, MIDI, ControlY=”1 – Modulation Wheel”
  • – map Animoog XY pad
  • Navichord: Settings, MIDI, ControlX=CC75, ControlY=CC76
  • Animoog: go to Setup, select MapCCs, press “X/Y Pad”, enter OriginX=CC75, OriginY=CC76, then back to Setup and disable MapCCs

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