Different Drummer low price could go up any time

So Different Drummer is at $9.99 now, as you can see from the above it could change any time now.

Hey! Ototo boards are on sale

You’ve probably heard me talk about the Ototo board before, but if not, then I suggest you take a look if you’re interested in fun stuff like MakeyMakey or the Bare Conductive TouchBoard.

Anyway, assuming all of the above then you should know that you can currently get 20% off all Ototo orders using code ‘SUMMERMUSIC’. You can find them here …

Valencia pavement MSII (video)

Video description:

“Playing the Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II on the pavement outside PARANOID_the shop, Valencia.”

Soldering the 100 pin patch matrix on a Dirty Electronics MSII (video)

Mic Room microphone modeling app for iOS – Overview (video)

If you’re thinking about doing some soldering then these videos might help …

Although these little videos are really aimed at a younger audience you might find them handy and get a few tips from them too. So I thought I’d share them with you.

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