Here’s what’s new in Sparkle 1.2:

  • New: Stereo DSP (Setting Switch)
  • New: Live Input for both Source/Target
  • New: Stereo Sampler with scrubbing, loop-points fade, fine zoom selection etc…
  • New: Settings for FFT size (up to 4096) and Overlap (up to 8)
  • New: Setting for Stereo Signal Processing
  • New: Shortcut, Skip Samplers from Presets
  • New: Dynamics Processor
  • New: UI Skins
  • Source/Target Gains, removed zip noise
  • DSP Improvements
  • Improved Hyper Vectorial Pad
  • Optimised for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • iOS 8.3 SDK
  • Audiobs SDK update to (May 4 2015)
  • Inter App Audio crash Fixed during Host Recording
  • Bug Fixed

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