Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone has returned ..

Yep, Mikme has returned again this time to Indiegogo, with a new campaign, and in the first 15 hours they’ve already exceeded 200% of their target! That’s truly amazing! It just goes to show that you can revisit a crowdfunding campaign and make it work. I think that’s an important lesson to learn here.

Anyway, it’s really worth checking out Mikme and you can find the campaign right here.

apeDelay has arrived

apeSoft brings us a new app alongside their already great selections of effects and synths. So here’s apeDelay, and here’s what to expect …

apeDelay – Implements up to 2048 Stereo Spectral Delay lines with Feedback. The algorithm is based on the STFT (i.e. Short Time Fourier Transform) analysis/re-synthesis. The audio signal is converted in abstract ‘Frequency Domain’, where is manipulated and transformed back again in ‘Time Domain’. You can draw three shapes for the Times, Feedbacks and Panning. This is achieved from the multi sliders, who provide a great tool to manage the huge numbers of parameters. You can also benefit of more advanced spectral manipulations like the Spectral Blur, Granulate, Bins Decimator and Freeze.

  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (sender and FX)
  • Built In Stereo Sampler with varispeed and scrubbing
  • Control Manager LFO for all the Parameters
  • Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
  • File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy
  • Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad
  • Post Fx: Stereo Delay, Amazing ClassicVerb Low/Hi Shelving and Dynamic Processor
  • etc…

apeDelay costs $5.99 on the app store.

SidTracker 64 Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Buttercup Bitcrush has arrived

Another simple and cheap effect app from this project. Here’s what’s to expect from the app …

Buttercup Bitcrush is a general purpose bit-crusher, sample-rate reduction & noise effect.

Built upon the tenet of simplicity, the flora project presents great sounding, lightweight audio effects using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus technologies to allow you to get the sound you want, without sacrificing processing power.

More information about the flora project can be found at http://timothy-j.com/flora

NB: Buttercup Bitcrush requires either Audiobus or Inter-App Audio capable applications in order to operate. See http://audiob.us for more information.

iPulsaret 2.0 features (video)

Video description:

“iPulsaret is a new real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis. A genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: Grainlet, Trainlet, FM, time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, Live Input manipulation and many more.”

PLAY with KORG iM1 – Combo Sounds (video)

Sparkle 1.2 brings loads of new things

Here’s what’s new in Sparkle 1.2:

  • New: Stereo DSP (Setting Switch)
  • New: Live Input for both Source/Target
  • New: Stereo Sampler with scrubbing, loop-points fade, fine zoom selection etc…
  • New: Settings for FFT size (up to 4096) and Overlap (up to 8)
  • New: Setting for Stereo Signal Processing
  • New: Shortcut, Skip Samplers from Presets
  • New: Dynamics Processor
  • New: UI Skins
  • Source/Target Gains, removed zip noise
  • DSP Improvements
  • Improved Hyper Vectorial Pad
  • Optimised for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • iOS 8.3 SDK
  • Audiobs SDK update to (May 4 2015)
  • Inter App Audio crash Fixed during Host Recording
  • Bug Fixed

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